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Swing Door Operators
Our company has been working closely with our supplier to develop a new range of automatic and semi-automatic low energy door operators for DDA compliance and to comply with the latest fire regulations. We offer a high quality service, supplying and installing automatic doors and operators.

Our door operators are designed to open and close doors automatically in domestic, residential or commercial settings. All models provide maximum safety and security. The electric door operators provide cost effective door automation for all disabled and lifestyle applications.

All of our operators are CE approved and have been rigorously tested for durability to 2,000,000 cycles. All operators aer suitable for single or double leaf door operation.

They will meet most door automation needs and are DDA compliant meaning they are suitable for disabled applications.

We currently have three models and each model has specific additional features to meet particular requirements as follows:


  The DSCK EO works on most internal doors and with remote control as standard, is ideal for the wheelchair bound. It is a versatile and cost effective door operator that can be easily opened manually in the event of power failure.
  The DSCK PnG is a power assisted door operator – a simple light push will start it operating, making it ideal for those who do not have the physical strength to open the door but want freedom to move around. The PnG works with a normal catch release door handle.
DSCK Spring
  The DSCK Spring is ideal for fire doors. It has all the normal DSCK features but in the event of a power failure it will close using the built-in spring closer. The mechanism however is also easy to open manually so provides security as well as safety.
  The DSCK Slic has a slipping clutch mechanism in the drive which provides additional anti-crush protection for the very vulnerable. The Slic also has a separate power supply making it ideal for sites that may be exposed to weather such as a porch.
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