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Door Closers

Floor Springs
  Floor Spring Units are fitted to aid door closure. They come in favious sizes and strengths, dependant on the use of the door. They can have other options i.e. hold open, double acton etc. Electronic spring units can be fed from the fire alarm system, enabling automatic closure in the event of a fire.
Overhead Door Closers
  Overhead door closers are another method of self closing. The unit is fitted to the top of the frame, with an arm attached to the door. These can be used on many lighter entrance doors or where the installation of a floor spring unit is not possible.
Transom Spring Units
  Transom Spring Units are installed in the section of a frame above the door. These are mainly found on Main Entrace Doors.
Fire Exit Equipment
  From repairing emergency exit equipment to installing new units. Fire Exit and Push Bar assemblies can be fitted to an array of doors. We also undertake the installation of intumescent smoke/heat seals.
  Repairs can be carried out on existing doors or we can manufacture doors to any shape and size. The can be made from aluminimum, armour plate glass or solid core (fire rated).


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